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“Abort it and try again”

28 Aug

Is a disability found in utero to be used to discard a fetus? To “try again” like an “erase and rewind” button? Or are our developmentally delayed children our hidden gems? Treasures to be gently handled and valued above all else?

Let's go have some pancakes.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 8.52.08 PM

“Abort it and try again.”

Was this nasty comment made by a faceless internet troll? No. Immature teenage kid? No. This twitter gem comes from Oxford scholar Richard Dawkins in response to a woman pondering today whether or not she would continue a pregnancy if she learned the fetus had Down syndrome.

When I logged in to twitter to see how this great mind had responded to the ensuing backlash, I was hoping to see a well thought out, albeit misguided rebuttal. I was surprised to find this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 8.39.15 PM

This is supposed to be one of the most intelligent voices of our time, and a champion for critical thinking and evidence-based logic. His defense is “everybody does it.”

Reading further down his twitter feed didn’t improve things. So far we’ve learned that Richard Dawkins not only doesn’t value a life with Down syndrome, he actually feels it is immoral to knowingly bring…

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Impressions of India

28 Aug

All the commenters have said it already. A BEAUTIFUL post on India.

Ron Mayhew's Blog

 It is impossible to not be in awe of what is India. She is at once chaotic, unruly, exaggerated and constantly in motion.

The pace of life is frenetic and I believe all of India must be sleep deprived.

It is impossible, at least for me, to fully understand, much less describe her. And that’s the fascination.

Images of India Offering Diyas, River Ganges, Varanasi

I have heard that there are more billionaires minted in India each year than any other country in the world.

But that is not what attracts me. My India is rather tattered and frayed. And orange.

Especially the northern portion. Everything has a coating of orange from the polluted, smog filled air and blowing dust from the arid land.

Images of India Kumba Mela, Allahabad

Saffron, a color that symbolizes all aspects of Hinduism, is the color of sadhus and saints,

ascetics and sages. It is the color of the holy…

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Covenant House New York

5 Oct

Covenant House New York. The time is nearing when NYC-HHI wants to reach their goal of donating 500 (or more!) items to CH for youth 16 – 21 .. Please help with some hooking, some yarn or even a dollar or two to pay for postage. Any and all amounts are welcome as is the material to make items for this worthy cause.

Thanks for reading!

Crochet 1st time ever holding tiny hook & making ANTHING w/ size 10 thread

1 Sep

Tonight I begin a new hobby level as I explore the thin side of crocheting with thread vs yarn!

It amazed me how easy it came. As if I’d done it always .. Wow .. & it’s SO pretty! Simple basic crochet stitches like single crochet and double with the usual foundation chain. & this wasn’t eve a pattern or the beginning of a project. Just wanted to try it out, the new thread & hook, in a haphazardly thrown together play.

& I couldn’t even figure out where to start pulling the thread. Still not sure I did it right but it’s working for now so I’ll stay the course. & I’ve got a crappy bandage on my left thumb from some ungraceful potato-cutting last night so I had to do some of the stitching (is that even what you call digging the hook into a stitch & hoping it’s the right loop?!) BLIND.

SO proud of myself! Yay!

Hello world!

24 Jan

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