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Best in Hoodie Vest Crochet Pattern | Red Heart

28 Aug

Best in Hoodie Vest Crochet Pattern | Red Heart.

I finally made this! In fact, I made TWO of them! One in purple Lion Brand Cotton, another in mustard, which sounds bad but actually came out pretty good.

I have the purple one to Nicole, Rose and Nicky’s niece, for her bday 2 yrs ago this yr since it’s her favorite color. I hear she’s still wearing it. So glad I made it a big on the loose side for her ..

The pattern is awesome to make ’cause once you do it once you get the hang of it and making a second one is almost automatic! I did the second in mustard and did it with a couple of modifications to the bottom edge just because and it came out lacy. Oooh! Then I added some buttonholes to the edge of the hood and suddenly I had somewhere to add a ribbon =D .. and the mustard hoodie was suddenly VERY girly.

So you see, this pattern can be yours too. Now I’m thinking it can be punk in black ’cause I have some really cool metal buttons and hex nuts …

Care to give me any other ideas for this BEST hoodie?


Covenant House New York

5 Oct

Covenant House New York. The time is nearing when NYC-HHI wants to reach their goal of donating 500 (or more!) items to CH for youth 16 – 21 .. Please help with some hooking, some yarn or even a dollar or two to pay for postage. Any and all amounts are welcome as is the material to make items for this worthy cause.

Thanks for reading!

Crochet 1st time ever holding tiny hook & making ANTHING w/ size 10 thread

1 Sep

Tonight I begin a new hobby level as I explore the thin side of crocheting with thread vs yarn!

It amazed me how easy it came. As if I’d done it always .. Wow .. & it’s SO pretty! Simple basic crochet stitches like single crochet and double with the usual foundation chain. & this wasn’t eve a pattern or the beginning of a project. Just wanted to try it out, the new thread & hook, in a haphazardly thrown together play.

& I couldn’t even figure out where to start pulling the thread. Still not sure I did it right but it’s working for now so I’ll stay the course. & I’ve got a crappy bandage on my left thumb from some ungraceful potato-cutting last night so I had to do some of the stitching (is that even what you call digging the hook into a stitch & hoping it’s the right loop?!) BLIND.

SO proud of myself! Yay!