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Crochet 1st time ever holding tiny hook & making ANTHING w/ size 10 thread

1 Sep

Tonight I begin a new hobby level as I explore the thin side of crocheting with thread vs yarn!

It amazed me how easy it came. As if I’d done it always .. Wow .. & it’s SO pretty! Simple basic crochet stitches like single crochet and double with the usual foundation chain. & this wasn’t eve a pattern or the beginning of a project. Just wanted to try it out, the new thread & hook, in a haphazardly thrown together play.

& I couldn’t even figure out where to start pulling the thread. Still not sure I did it right but it’s working for now so I’ll stay the course. & I’ve got a crappy bandage on my left thumb from some ungraceful potato-cutting last night so I had to do some of the stitching (is that even what you call digging the hook into a stitch & hoping it’s the right loop?!) BLIND.

SO proud of myself! Yay!