Best in Hoodie Vest Crochet Pattern | Red Heart

28 Aug

Best in Hoodie Vest Crochet Pattern | Red Heart.

I finally made this! In fact, I made TWO of them! One in purple Lion Brand Cotton, another in mustard, which sounds bad but actually came out pretty good.

I have the purple one to Nicole, Rose and Nicky’s niece, for her bday 2 yrs ago this yr since it’s her favorite color. I hear she’s still wearing it. So glad I made it a big on the loose side for her ..

The pattern is awesome to make ’cause once you do it once you get the hang of it and making a second one is almost automatic! I did the second in mustard and did it with a couple of modifications to the bottom edge just because and it came out lacy. Oooh! Then I added some buttonholes to the edge of the hood and suddenly I had somewhere to add a ribbon =D .. and the mustard hoodie was suddenly VERY girly.

So you see, this pattern can be yours too. Now I’m thinking it can be punk in black ’cause I have some really cool metal buttons and hex nuts …

Care to give me any other ideas for this BEST hoodie?


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